Matthew's Painting and Paperhanging Inc. - Matthew M. Adams

"My experience with Carrie and her staff has always been very positive. They have helped transform my company and my office into a finely tuned, organized and extremely functional place. Their work has been tested and proven again and again. I hired Carrie with an expectation of strengthening my company through her expertise and professional knowledge; she has met and far exceeded my initial hopes. Carrie has always treated me as a friend, not a client. In an extremely stressful business world that goes along way."

Melynda & Jerry Hasselbach

"Upon meeting Carrie Sparr at Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping our finances were in shambles. My husband was more than capable of handling the finances, but procrastination made the job very cumbersome, tedious, and occupied many long hours. My attempts at handling the finances were disastrous. I over categorized and organized, set up too many accounts, making the process confusing. 

Carrie and her team at Dollars and Sense stepped in and began to show us where we could make changes to our processes, thus improving our bottom-line. Carrie was very patient and took the time to explain our new accounting procedures. In just three years we've been able to set funds aside to cover annual expenses, reduced our debt, and paid cash for an extensive remodeling project. 

Carrie's team is constantly keeping us abreast of the status of our finances and provided information to our accountant enabling the tax preparation process to be stress free. We've placed our entire finances in her capable hands and trust her completely.  I would highly recommend Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping to everyone."​

Write From The Heart - Melissa Greene

"I've been very, very thankful and satisfied with my bookkeeper, Carrie Sparr, at Dollars and Sense Bookkeeping (Manheim); a small, no-nonsense office of people who churn out a heck of a lot of precise and good work. Her fees are incredibly fair, and you get somebody who cares, as well as computes. Carrie's expertise and strength have seen me through this incredibly tough year. I want to recommend her to any and all businesses who might benefit. Write From The Heart wouldn't be here without her skill."